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Jul 17, 2012 9:00pm PDT
leaders are calling on the u.s. to officially declare boko haram a terrorist organization. >> george: and joining us with more from our washington studio is pastor ario, who heads up the pentacostal fellowship and serves as president of a r very important organization in nigeria, called the christian organization of nigeria. great to have you on the broadcast. the united states government is hesitating from classifying boko haram as a terrorist organization. do you think this is a good move by our u.s. government? >> it is definitely, definitely a wrong move. they should, and they should do it quickly. >> george: and why, sir? >> because, you see, one of the most important things in a terrorist organization is the finance, the money. and when they designate them as a terrorist group, then all the different security organizations will be able to track where the money is coming from. if you get the money, then you get the organization. >> george: some in the u.s. government say that this group is, in essence, trying to embarrass the nigerian government, embarrass the nigerian president
Jul 24, 2012 9:00pm PDT
in the middle east. my good friend carl muller joins us. this is the christians in the civil war, tell us why they are more vulnerable and the difficulties they are facing today. christians have been moreless as the regime gets more desperate, christians are caught in the middle suffering greatly. between secular or islamic choice. what does that mean for christians? >> that is true. christians are more vulnerable than ever to the extremists as they mold in the rebel form to our concern is enhanced by the fact that christians are being increasingly targeted in these cities. >> we are seeing iraqis that fled to syria who fled muslim persecution in homeland iraq. the ironny of ironny, the same where can these christians go? >> there is an increasing will smaller amount of areas in middle east where christians are welcome where the destruction of christian communities in iraq, syria, lebanon and many other places around the middle east, we are seeing christian communities destroyed. it is a major concern for the millions of christians in syria. >> uh huh. in fact i was reading the blogs apparatu
Jul 10, 2012 9:00pm PDT
wife shirley with me. bob moeller and good to have you with us. thank you for what you guys are doing on the program. you are a good match. >> you are. yoo it is working. >> i didn't think bob could get better. you are a wonderful addition. >> you know them both as host and cohost of a very popular prom tln marriage for better or worse. thank you, guys for taking time obviously, bob, marriage, good marriage, good marriages are important to you and cisco for a commitment to communications. power of the media. show. whether talk show, when which was a show where you carried passion. yoo talk radio or television if you dwoent bring passion no one will pay attention. >> we talked earlier about your vision for tln, you talk about that often. i like to ask bob whashg is your vision for marriages. ja shirley, our mission statement our vision is to heal hearts. through the medium of television using god's word and to restore marriages. i have a passion for underserved communities. based on the calls we get they ever often from the underserved communities. this program is reaching right to
Jul 3, 2012 9:00pm PDT
profound consequences for israel, the middle east, and the u.s. chris mitchell has our story from jerusalem. >> reporter: mohammed morsi's win rocked the middle east. dori gold, israel's former ambassador to the u.n., says morsi's victory will be felt far beyond. >> the muslim brotherhood is going to give a shot of adrenalin to radical islamic groups across the world. >> reporter: he says that's why the truth must be told about this truth' group's intentions. today this organization is global. and behind terror groups like hamas. >> the actual goal of the muslim brotherhood is to reestablish the calafit. >> reporter: a calafit would mean islamic rule throughout the world. one of the steps towards that goal is a takeover of arab states, like egypt. a former ambassador to egypt says they are using democracy as a tool to take power. >> they want to stay forever. the election was good because they love them to reach power by democratic way. but i don't think they will continue toin to be democratic later. >> reporter: mosel says shake usif shows what they really want. >> the egyptian people wil
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4